Learning Support

We adopt testing in separate periods of the academic year including diagnostic, formative, and summative tests. These tests are analyzed statistically using electronic programs to determine the variation and the number of correct and wrong answers for each standard. We also monitor students who do not pass the minimum required benchmark 70% to be given intensive remedial support plans before retesting out of the class sessions. We also give students proactive plans – before the tests – to ensure achieving the objectives. Parents are assigned the role of follow-up at home to the additional assignments and tasks related to their children.

Students who do not pass the basic skills separately or in groups outside the class are supported by holding re-teaching sessions according to approved support plans. They are provided with extensive training, activities, and additional assignments by the teacher or educational supervisor. Also, parents are informed of the remedial plans in several ways including phone calls or SMs to follow-up the student at home to achieve the most benefit. The effectiveness of the remedial plans is periodically monitored by the student counselor and the educational supervisor to track the student’s level during the semester.