School Day

In our schools, the school day begins at 6:30 a.m. with the reception students in the lower elementary grades by the class teacher for conducting enrichment activities until 6:50 a.m. Then, students go to the dining hall to have breakfast, whether provided by the schools or brought by the student from home, then the morning assembly begins at 7 am.

All students in the higher elementary grades as well as in the intermediate and secondary stages come to school at 6:30 am and go directly to the school playgrounds to practice some sports activities under the supervision of the P.E teachers till the morning assembly at 7 am. At that time, the canteen is open for buying breakfast for those who wish to do so.

Classes start at 7:10 am for all stages, and each stage has a lunch break and a break for prayer at different times.

The school day consists of 9 periods, 40 minutes each that include all the academic and enrichment subjects provided to students in both the Saudi national and international paths.

The school day continues until 1:50 pm for the primary stage, and 2:00 pm for the intermediate and secondary stages. As for students who wish to have school transport, they leave classes accompanied by bus supervisors ten minutes before the departure time to go to the bus stop inside the school, which takes them home.

The student is not allowed to leave unless the parent/guardian or whoever acts on his/her behalf comes to receive the student. As for the secondary school students who have private cars, they are allowed to leave on their own after coordination with the parent/guardian.

Throughout the school day and the breaks, there is direct supervision of students by specialized student monitors and teachers to ensure their safety, starting from attending our schools until leaving the school.