Primary Stage

The Primary Stage is the cornerstone of our schools to prepare a generation of students who achieve the Saudi vision and the school guiding statements.

 We receive primary school students coming from Al-Bassam kindergarten or other kindergartens, after pre-determined admission tests. The main purpose is to diagnose their scientific and cognitive level, and to ensure their ability to respond to our academic program and achieve its objectives.

Students enroll in the primary stage in our schools at the age of 6 to 12 years, and the stage includes grades one to six.

At this stage, we offer our students a unified educational path from grades one to three, in which the Saudi National Program curricula are presented as well as additional courses in English, science, mathematics in English, and ICT.

From Grade 4, students are separated according to their academic level, and the parent’s wishes, into two tracks:

First: Choosing the Saudi national program, supported by additional subjects in English language, science and mathematics in English, and ICT.

Second: Studying the qualifying courses for the British program; we offer Cambridge Primary Program (CPP), in which the student studies the subjects of the National Program supported by the Cambridge curriculum in mathematics, science and English language; To make the student qualified at the end of grade6 to complete the British IGCSE program at the intermediate level.

In addition, the Primary Years Program (PYP) track has been introduced, which is the first stage of the IB program. Male students move from the International School to complete the program in our schools from grade 4.

Our students are subject to various internal and external assessment methods at this stage to know their achievement levels. There are international tests that our primary school students enroll in, such as the British Checkpoint tests in mathematics and science, the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP) tests in mathematics, science and English language, and the CELA English tests at KET and PET levels organized by the University of Cambridge