School Transport

School Transport Department has been created to achieve our vision and mission to be at the forefront of educational and leadership institutions in terms of their material and technological potential to meet the needs of students and their parents.

To achieve the highest level of this service, our schools, through the School Affairs Department, will take all necessary measures, including:

  1. Focus on hiring experienced and efficient drivers in driving school buses.
  2. Care and attention to follow up the maintenance of buses periodically.
  3. Follow-up parent’s complaints and resolve them quickly so as to ensure the provision of service as appropriate.
  4. Hold meetings and courses for drivers to raise them professionally.
  5. Making award for the perfect driver.

Students are required to abide by the rules of the bus according to the regulations set forth therein, and the school has the right to apply the penalties imposed if they violate them.

Code of conduct for students while riding the bus:

  1. Commitment to bus schedules in the morning and at the end of school day.
  2. Respect the system when entering and leaving the bus.
  3. Keep your hands, head and legs always inside the bus.
  4. Keep the bus clean.
  5. Prevent the stampede by bus.
  6. Avoid talking loudly which distracts the bus driver.
  7. It is not allowed to have food and drink inside the bus.
  8. It is not allowed to play with the bus or its equipment.
  9. . Respect for the bus supervisor and students and not to hurt them, either in words or improper acts.