Our History

Al-Bassam Schools were founded in 2001 as the first step as a school for girls and boys consisting of the kindergarten stage and primary stage. In 2002, the Boys School was completed in a separate building for the primary stage. The total number of students was 354 in both Schools. With the expansion in the stages in 2010, Boys Campus was founded to include the three stages (primary, intermediate, secondary) and it was completed in 2011 to be a campus for all stages for boys in 2013. The first campus is entirely for girls. In 2015, the International School was founded and completed in 2016 with 63 male and female students in kindergarten. Currently, the total number is 163 male and female students from Kindergarten to grade 3. In general, school enrollment rates achieved rapid leaps as the total number of students in 19/2020 is 2048 male and female students compared to 354 Male and female students when founded with an increase of about 600%.

Currently, there are now 3 separate campuses, one for girls, one for boys, and the third one is for the international school. The different curricula in the three campuses include the Saudi national program, the British program (IGCSE), and the International Baccalaureate program (IB). We ensure that it is managed well in its broad lines to achieve our guiding statements on the three campuses.