Summer Programs

Al-Bassam Schools are interested in cooperation, external partnerships, shared responsibility, and partnerships with parents, civil society institutions, and national and international educational institutions to support student learning and well-being. For example; There is a partnership with British Schools so that our students can visit these schools to gain global citizenship skills.


Our schools – based on the school’s vision – organize regular summer programs for students each year at De La Salle Academy in Liverpool, UK. Its main objective is to develop concepts of global culture and intercultural learning in the English language and entertainment programs they practice in Britain with their peers of multiple nationalities.


Our school’s mission encourages relationships with multiple schools; We believe that our schools’ experience in establishing relationships with intercultural schools has influenced our students’ cultural and scientific achievements such as; Al Bassam Schools agreements with De La Salle Academy in Liverpool and Concorde Academy in Canterbury. Such agreements enhance the concept of global citizenship for our students in the learning domains: cognitive, effective and psychomotor based on the vision of our schools. It is a great opportunity to meet peers, learn about different cultures and share experiences, particularly in the English language.


Our schools have effective relationships with international schools in Britain, and this allows our students to visit these schools to acquire global citizenship skills to have great interaction with world cultures. There are effective partnerships with international educational institutions as follows:


 Antrim Grammar School Belfast 2008

This partnership gave us an opportunity to train our students to complete joint projects with their peers at the Antrim Grammar School in Belfast 2008. Our students worked on joint projects such as Water Resources in both Saudi Arabia and Northern Ireland, and cooperation was made to develop students through a clear action plan, in addition to exchanging visits between faculty members and the administration in the project of connecting the classroom in the Middle East to the Kingdom Under the coordination of the British Council in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.


 Academy de La Salle in Liverpool 2010-2014

This partnership gave us an opportunity to train our students in advanced English language skills and mathematics and to enable our students to participate in numerous enrichment activities, such as; Football, swimming and trips outside Liverpool. In the same context, the agreement with De La Salle Academy provided for the exchange of academic experiences between employees, and from this standpoint, a Shadow training program was implemented for principals and a sample of teachers in Boys schools to exchange experiences with their peers in De La Academy Salle


Concorde School of Canterbury 2015-2017

Our students from grade6 to 10 were enrolled for four weeks to receive intensive English language skills training four hours a day with students of the same school. There is also communication with the culture of school students through entertainment trips and various sports activities, accompanied by a well-qualified team of teachers and administrators.