School Clinic

Al Bassam schools provide a health card that the parent is required to complete it before joining the school. The student counselor, the school nurse and the health counselor will see the data about the health of the student to provide special health services. Our schools also provide a health counselor to check the health of students.

The most important aim of school clinic is to improve health for student and staff and to provide high-quality health services for a healthy generation with healthy lifestyle.

Our schools provide a clinic equipped with the necessary medical equipment and medicines that students may need during school day.

The school clinic offers multiple nursing services, including:

  • Follow-up of sick cases and contact with parents to attend if the case requires.
  • Providing general safety supplies and first aid.
  • Conducting the necessary first aid, and referring emergency cases to hospitals when necessary.
  • Conducting awareness and educational lectures on public health, and the importance of eating healthy foods.
  • Conducting daily checking of the school environment and its surroundings by visiting the school’s public facilities such as the canteen, toilets, classrooms, and playgrounds.
  •  Follow-up the implementation of precautionary measures during the COVID-19 pandemic through a specialized team.