Training and Development Department


Our schools have realized that education is a field of rapid developments and changes, so it is important for teachers to keep pace with this development, especially since the technical revolution has created major challenges for the education process in all its forms, and for the teacher in particular.

Our schools represented by the Training and Development Department have drawn up a work plan; To keep up with these challenges. It begins with a series of organized sessions and meetings, which are carried out during the professional development cycle every year, which include:

  • A set of courses for new teachers starting from the beginner level.
  • Implementing school professional diploma programs for teachers.
  • Organized meetings with teachers to keep up with everything new.
  • Lectures at the core of the educational process, which are given by specialized lecturers.
  • Training courses to be determined as needed.

The Training Department seeks to update its courses to continue throughout the school year in order to find a distinguished and qualified teacher who is able to give in line with the developments taking place in the world.