Intermediate Stage


First: The Saudi National Program:

In this Program , the approved subjects by the Ministry of Education for the intermediate level are taught (Mathematics, Science, Arabic Language, Islamic Studies, Social Studies, English Language, Physical Education, and Art Education), in addition to the English language as it is offered by the schools as a supporting subject issued by the University of Cambridge in addition to enrichment subjects for mathematics and science in the English language.

The intermediate stage is concerned with preparing students for the aptitude tests. There is also specific training for students in all grades and in the international and national sections on aptitude tests in preparation for and qualifying for the aptitude test in the secondary stage, as well as the achievement test.

Intermediate School offers its programs to students from 13 to 15 years old from grade 7 to 9and it includes two sections: the International Program and the Saudi National Program.

Second: The International Program

 Our schools have adopted the application of the International British Program IGCSE in which students can enroll after passing the international program (CPP) at the primary stage or passing the entrance exams for admission to the international program.

Many subjects are taught in English in (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, ICT and English Language) according to the curriculum approved by Cambridge University in addition to the subjects of national identity (Arabic Language, Islamic education and Social Studies) as well as Physical Education and Art.

During the study period in the international section, students have many international exams such as Checkpoint tests and CELA tests.  Students are prepared and qualified by a distinguished teaching staff to pass the O Level tests to complete the requirements for obtaining the British International Certificate at the secondary stage.