Secondary Stage

The secondary Stage is an important and crucial stage for learners in general education; It is the middle stage between elementary and higher education, as it includes a comprehensive, integrated preparation, and provides students with basic information and skills that develop their personalities in cognitive, psychological, social and physical aspects.

There are two Programs in the Secondary Stage:

First: The Saudi National Program (Muqararat)

 The academic plan of this section consists of 200 hours, distributed over (40) academic subjects divided into 6 levels so that the student has seven courses in each level (semester).

Our schools also offer students an additional enrichment program in the English language in mathematics and science in English, which greatly contributes to developing the cognitive capabilities of university requirements.

Second: International Program (IGCSE):

 The academic plan of the international program consists of 200 credit hours, during which the student obtains a school certificate stating that he has completed  IGCSE (the British curriculum) as well as obtaining Cambridge exams certificates, which consist of:

 7 subjects (O level) and 2 subjects (A level)


7 subjects (O level), (A level) course, and two (As) subjects

 To be aligned with the university admission requirements; the academic plan in the international program meets the requirements set by universities and supports student admission.

  Our schools are also interested in training and preparing students to pass aptitude and achievement tests at the highest rates that guarantee university admission. We develop a special program to prepare students for this purpose, through classes or training courses offered by some of our best teachers.

The secondary stage is proud of its students achieving advanced ranks at the level of the Kingdom in aptitude and achievement tests, as our students in the international program winning first place in the Kingdom in 1441.

 The secondary stage is also proud of achieving a university acceptance rate of 100% for graduates in reputable national universities, such as; King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, or the CPC program of Aramco, and many other reputable foreign universities, with particular pride that a large percentage of them have passed the preparatory year requirements of these universities that.