Childhood stage is a purposeful educational stage, and an important building point in the personality of the learner. It is also a distinct and independent educational stage with its educational philosophy, behavioral objectives, and teaching-learning psychology.

As in this stage, it is expected that the main structures of the future personality of the child will be formed through the regular formation. The objectives of the schools are based, through the adopted theories, to respect children’s self-worth and individuality, to stimulate their independent creative thinking, and to encourage them to adapt and coexist with others and other cultures.

Our schools focus on building the basic pillars in the child’s life, which have the greatest impact on forming his\her personality in various aspects of knowledge, and on acquiring many linguistic and social skills to form sound attitudes for them.

We have implemented the (Young Thinkers) curriculum that aims to create a lifelong learner. It adopts the theory of multiple intelligences. Additionally, our schools offer bilingual programs that seek to properly prepare the child to enter the primary stage with confidence. They are based on local and international standards, and focus on the skills of the 21st century that aim to discover the child’s abilities, inclinations, and potential through educational projects through which he\she acquires new experiences.