School Day

In Al-Bassam Educational Campus for girls, the school day starts from 6:30 am, as the school stages start to receive their students. The morning assembly bell rings at 6:45 am, announcing the start of the school broadcasting activities, and as soon as they end, the students will go to their classes at 7:00 am.

Kindergarten students go to their classes to eat breakfast as well as the students of the elementary grades from the first grade to the third grade, while the intermediate and secondary schools’ students start their academic lessons.

The recesses vary between stages, as there is a recess for each stage in addition to a time to pray.

The school has 8 periods a day, each period is 45 minutes long.

The school day continues until 1:50 pm, after which the students, accompanied by their supervisors, go to the bus stop. The students are not allowed to leave schools without the person in charge of taking them.