Admission Policy


Campus Principal


The Al-Bassam Schools welcome all students. This policy, which includes a set of steps and commitments, has been designed to facilitate admission and enrollment procedures. It forms a mutual contract for the two parties.


Clarifying and facilitating admission and enrollment procedures in Al-Bassam Schools according to a constructive methodology.


  1. Achieving the comprehensive quality standards in all services provided by Al-Bassam Schools.
  2. Developing mechanisms and standards for admission and enrollment of students in Al-Bassam Schools.
  3. Strengthening the partnership between Al-Bassam Schools and the local community through clarity of procedures.
  4. Developing the processes and procedures of admission with the optimal using of technology.
  5. Raising expectations in admission and enrollment of students

Policy Reference:

  1. Regulatory Policy Guide.
  2. The general policy of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


– The relevant parties shall abide by the implementation of the policy provisions as contained in their document.

– The relevant parties are committed to publish the policy among the stakeholders in Al-Bassam Schools.

– Continuous cooperation between all concerned parties in achieving this policy.

– In cases where the policy is not provided, it is the responsibility of senior management to decide on them.

– Making sure that admission tests are appropriate and available.

Implementation Procedures:

1. An admission test for core subjects (Arabic / English / Math) has been conducted taking into consideration the type of school (international /national / expatriate) on which the student comes from. As for the International Program, an admission test for core subjects (Arabic, English, Math and science) test has been conducted.
2. Students coming from a educational system to a different educational system, the parent shall sign on commitment for student waiting until the completion of the transfer and receipt of the transfer letter.
3. Expatriate students need to endorse the last two certificates from the Saudi Cultural Mission with its certified translation.
4. When the parent applies to enroll his/her child in our schools, he/she will be given the enrollment form to be filled out (the kindergarten stage.
5. The student is given a letter of acceptance directed to his/her previous school to bring the file and receive textbooks. This procedure is for grade 1-11 students.
6. In the case of death of the student’s father or separation, the student’s grandfather is entitled to enroll him/her or the guardian.
7. Parents of Grade 1 students, Expatriates and students coming from international schools have been given the student’s health record to complete the vaccination and medical examination.
8. Admission Requirements:
– Passing the admission tests according to the standard specified for acceptance approved by the Admission and Registration Committee.
– A copy of the birth certificate and the original one for matching.
– A copy of the vaccination certificate and the original one for matching (for grade 1 student).
– A copy of the family card for Saudis + passport, in addition to the name of the student, or the passport and valid Iqama for non-Saudis.
– Bringing (8) new personal photos of the student.
– Bringing the success certificate in the previous grade (for grade 2 and above).


  We are confident that the employees of Al-Bassam Campus are responsible and keen to adhere to the quality standards covered all areas of work in the leading institutions and according to the requirements of academic accreditation. Therefore, we call upon all to support the direction of the institution with scientific methodology and abide by the terms of this policy in implementation, support and development.

This policy has been approved by the senior management team on 21/05/ 2014.

– First Review: March 2019

– Next Review: March 2022