School Canteen

  1. Our students represent the hope and future of every nation; their health is the foundation of all progress and development, so they have contributed to the success of any school, so Al Bassam schools are keen on healthy nutrition because they are our biggest investment.

    School students need good nutrition for growth, development, disease protection, access to the energy needed to learn and enjoy physical activity. Our schools are always keen to maintain the health of their students, implement an accurate monitoring program on items sold in school canteen. The school canteens are organized daily through the school affairs Vice-Principal and the canteen supervisor. School canteens are subject to health instructions and conditions as follows:

    1. It is not allowed to sell or bring sweets of all kinds, chewing gum, crackers or chips.
    2. It is not allowed to sell soft drinks in all school canteens.

    Our schools always seek to offer the best to their dear students and maintain their health, so the following should be taken into consideration when preparing a home meal and bringing it to school:

    1. The meal should be varied and contains some kind of fruits and vegetables.
    2. Juice should be natural, preferably milk.
    3. Avoiding meat and fries especially in the summer.
    4. . If the student is late in the morning, he/she should have breakfast at home.