Registration Requirements

1. Copy of Birth certificate and the original one for matching .

2. A copy of the Vaccination certificate and the original one for matching (For Grade 1 Student only).

3. For Saudi student, a copy of the family ID card including the student’s name. For non-Saudi student, a copy of valid Iqama.

4. A copy of the student’s passport.

5. Certificate of transition to the next grade (for grade 2 and above).

6. A copy of the father’s ID card.

7. Payment of the registration fee for diagnostic test (500) Saudi riyals.

8. Filling in registration form.

9. Four new personal photos.

10. Receiving acceptance letter to bring the student’s file from the previous school.

11. Completing the health record after acceptance.

– All the above registration requirements should be brought before or on the Placement Test Day.

For further details, contact the Admission Office:

Boys:  Tel 0138091144 Ext. 245 ( Whatsapp +966530356558 )

Girls: Tel 0138094040 Ext. 250 ( Whatsapp +966536665802 )

International School: Tel 0138091144 Ext. 245 ( Whatsapp +966539203323 )