Welcome to Al-Bassam International Schools,

A fun environment full of happiness and colors! Where we treat every child as an individual who deserve all of our care & attention!

In a world full of distractions we don’t notice our children’s strengths anymore. Surrounded by the inspiring environment, those little ones will show wonders!!! And we are here to make this happen.

Discovery is the natural method of learning. Children start using that magical tool long before they are enrolled in schools. Therefore, it’s only natural for us to choose a discovery-based learning program.

In that excited journey our learners will need a sense of direction.. There are skills to be learned.. Attributes to be practiced.. Knowledge to be acquired.. Problems to be solved.. And those children will need to have the right Teachers.

Teachers who are capable of showing the support and encouragement needed. Therefore, We interview a lot of candidates and look for educators with a spark.. Strong believers in education. Those who realize that teaching is leading.. Teaching is building future.. And with such understanding, they come every day.. And create a safe and inspiring environment that push the children toward more achievement!

It’s the passion for education.. That runs that engine..


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Warm Regards,

BIS team