Elementary Stage

We in the elementary stage realize the importance of this stage as it is the real beginning of the process of intellectual development of students’ perceptions, so we are keen to encourage our students to acquire multiple and varied skills and knowledge from writing, reading and various activities.

The student attends the school and she possesses many talents and skills that she acquired from the surrounding environment or at home, so here comes the role of the teacher and the school in working to refine the skills and talents of students, to show and develop them, and raise the level of their creativity.

The student at this stage needs someone to guide her, to clarify the right path for her, and inculcate in herself a love of education and school.

Our role here comes in Al-Bassam Schools to provide quality, distinct, and high-quality learning at the hands of a group of trained educational staff, so we are eagerly keen to support the student in all curricula and train her on international tests such as (TIMSS, PIRLS) to expand her horizons and develop her thinking skills.