International Accreditations & Partnerships

  • Al-Bassam schools consider that obtaining the accreditation of any international educational organization is a real opportunity to study the situation objectively, and identify the strengths and weaknesses according to the standards of these organizations, and develop the necessary plans to raise the level of performance to meet the requirements of these organizations, which is reflected in the achievement of the guiding statements and strategic objectives of schools , And to achieve their aspirations, and the aspirations of our partners in education.

    Therefore, Al-Bassam schools over the past years have made great and continuous efforts to develop aspects of their work to meet the requirements of various accreditation organizations, in order to improve the processes and outputs, not just to obtain accreditation of these organizations.

    Our schools have obtained some accreditations from the world’s leading and reputable educational organizations as follows:

    –  AdvanceEd Accreditation in 2015

    – The CIS Membership in 2018

    – IB Accreditation for the Primary Years Program at Al-Bassam International School (PYP) in 2020

    – Cognia Membership in 2021.

  • Qualification for enrolling in the IGCSE by adding CPP curriculum in English language, mathematics, and science for higher grades students at the Elementary stage to support the MOE curriculum.
  • Our schools are certified centers for Cambridge exams, Edexcel and IELTS, CELA.

    Our schools also have a number of partnerships with international educational institutions such as the British Council, De La Salle Academy in Liverpool, and Oldham Grammar school in Britain.