Student's Responsibilities

1 –  Coming to and leaving the school on time, according to the schedule set by the school.
2 – Not leaving school during school hours, unless permission is given by school administration. A student will be released to his parent or family driver only.
3 – Participating in morning assembly, and in sport and cultural activities.
4 – Saying the morning national anthem with his classmates.
5 – Wearing the Al-Bassam School uniform.
6 – Attending classes and activities according to his class schedule and not leaving class without permission.
7 – Making wudu and preparing for Salat al-Dhuhr and having self-control during the prayer.
8 – Exhibiting good conduct in school to help create a peaceful, orderly, environment.
9 – Helping to keep our school clean and beautiful by cleaning up after himself, and following safety rules to keep himself and others safe.
10 – Not bringing a mobile telephone or other communication device to school, except in cases of necessity, after getting approval from the school administration.
11 – Abiding by classroom rules and procedures.
12 – Being faithful, honest and truthful and having good manners in speech and in conduct.
13 – Co-operating with supervisors, teachers and counselors in addressing problems encountered by the student, in order to solve them in a way that is best for all.