Our Educational Philosophy

  • “What I hear, I forget.

  • What I see, I remember.

  • What I do, I understand.”

    Education has developed rapidly over the ages, starting from the traditional educational approach, including listening to a lecture, then changing to watch someone presenting a lesson, and ending with the theory of the present age, which states the need for students to participate in the teaching-learning process, which is the transition from teaching to learning.

    Our philosophy relies on respecting the students’ innate curiosity towards learning and discovering the world around them. We support their creativity and abilities to think, find answers to their questions, problem-solving, scientific research and methods of investigation and discovery.

    Our responsibility is to enhance the unique personal qualities of all students and encourage them to raise their performance and make use of their abilities as well as to provide the best teaching staff, learning resources, and modern teaching methods that enable the student to possess core skills.

    Accordingly, Since the foundation of Al-Bassam Schools, we are committed to providing high-quality education appropriate for all educational levels of students and that respects their social, cultural, and economic backgrounds by improving their learning abilities to accomplish great achievements. Therefore, we hire well-qualified staff who possess skills, concepts, and knowledge-based of professional standards to provide the best teaching-learning services under the guidance and care of the school administration and leadership.