Admission and Registration Procedures

- Applicants must submit their application along with all required documents, and pay the diagnostic test fee of 575 Saudi Riyals to start the registration process.

- The applicant's file will be reviewed for approval for the test.

- The Admission and Registration Office will schedule the admission test.

- Students who successfully pass the admission test and meet all other criteria will be notified of their acceptance verbally, then receive a written confirmation after paying the applicable tuition fees.

- Students are not allowed to start studying at the schools until they receive a written acceptance confirmation and pay the tuition fees.

- New students must pay the tuition fees within two weeks of the student's acceptance notification by the guardian to reserve the student's seat.


Registration Requirements

- A copy of the birth certificate attached with the original for verification.

- A copy of the vaccination certificate and the original for verification, with complete vaccinations required for first-grade students.

- A copy of the family card with the student's name added, and the original for verification.

- A copy of the student's passport and the original for verification.

- A copy of the passport and residence permit for non-Saudis, valid, with the originals for verification.

- Certificate of passing the previous grade for second grade and above.

- Payment of the non-refundable application fee of 575 Saudi Riyals.

- Completion of the admission and registration form.

-  Eight recent passport-sized photos of the student.

- Completion of the health record.


To contact the Admission and Registration Department:

Boys: 0138091144 ext. 245 (WhatsApp: +966530356558)

Girls: 0138094040 ext. 250 (WhatsApp: +966536665802)

International: 0138434999 ext. 102 (WhatsApp: +966539203323) 


Admission and Registration Policy


Educational Complex Leader


Al Bassam Educational Complex welcomes all applicants to join its schools, and in order to clarify the admission criteria and facilitate the admission and registration procedures, this policy has been designed, which includes a set of steps, procedures, and commitments that constitute a binding contract for both parties in accordance with the details below.


Clarifying and facilitating the admission and registration procedures in the educational complex according to a mandatory constructive methodology.


1- Achieving comprehensive quality standards in all services and activities provided by the educational complex.

2- Developing mechanisms and standards for the admission and registration of students within the educational complex.

3- Strengthening the partnership between the educational complex and the local community through the clarity of procedures.

4- Developing admission and registration processes and procedures through optimal use of technology.

5- Raising the expectations for the acceptance and registration of students.


Policy References:

1- Organizational Guide.

2- General Education Policy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


1- Commitment of relevant parties to implement the policy provisions as stated in its document.

2- Commitment of relevant parties to disseminate the policy among the beneficiaries.

3- Continuous cooperation among all relevant parties to facilitate the admission and registration procedures.

4- In cases not specified by the policy, it is the responsibility of the high administration to decide.

5- Ensuring that admission tests are appropriate and ready.


Implementation procedures:

1- Conduct a diagnostic test and determine the level for the subjects: Arabic Language / English Language / Mathematics for upper grades, taking into account the student's previous school (local / international / expatriate). In the general education program, the subject (Math) is replaced with Mathematics in Arabic language, while for the international program, an admission test is conducted for the subjects Arabic Language / English / Sciences / Math.

2- For expatriate students transferring from a different educational system, the parent must sign a commitment not to attend classes until the transfer procedures are completed and the transfer letter is received.

3- Expatriate students need to have their last two certificates authenticated by the Saudi Cultural Attaché, in addition to obtaining a certified translation for them.

4- Provide the student with an acceptance letter addressed to their previous school to bring their file and receive their textbooks, this procedure is specific to students from the second grade of primary school to the third grade of high school.

5- In the event of the student's parent's passing away or separation, the student's legal guardian has the right to register the student.

6- First grade expatriate students coming from international or international schools: the guardian should submit the student's medical record for completing vaccinations and medical examinations.


Admission and Registration Requirements

- Passing the admission tests according to the specified admission criteria, and approval by the Admission and Registration Committee.

- Copy of birth certificate and original for verification.

- Copy of vaccination certificate and original for verification.

- Copy of passport and family card for Saudis with the student's name and original for verification, or passport and residence permit for non-Saudis valid.

- Eight recent personal photos of the student.

- A certificate of passing the previous grade (for second grade and above).



One of the requirements for quality performance in Al-Bassam leading schools is the awareness and commitment of all school staff and parents to the approved policies, especially the admission and registration policy, and supporting it with developmental proposals to facilitate and clarify procedures in line with the schools' guidelines, making it easier for parents to register their children.

This policy has been approved and adopted by the high adimnstration team on 21/5/2014.

First revision: March 2019

Next revision date for this policy: March 2022


Student's Responsibilities

1 –  Coming to and leaving the school on time, according to the schedule set by the school.

2 – Not leaving school during school hours, unless permission is given by school administration. A student will be released to his parent or family driver only.

3 – Participating in morning assembly, and in sport and cultural activities.

4 – Saying the morning national anthem with his classmates.

5 – Wearing the Al-Bassam School uniform.

6 – Attending classes and activities according to his class schedule and not leaving class without permission.

7 – Making wudu and preparing for Salat al-Dhuhr and having self-control during the prayer.

8 – Exhibiting good conduct in school to help create a peaceful, orderly, environment.

9 – Helping to keep our school clean and beautiful by cleaning up after himself, and following safety rules to keep himself and others safe.

10 – Not bringing a mobile telephone or other communication device to school, except in cases of necessity, after getting approval from the school administration.

11 – Abiding by classroom rules and procedures.

12 – Being faithful, honest and truthful and having good manners in speech and in conduct.

13 – Co-operating with supervisors, teachers and counselors in addressing problems encountered by the student, in order to solve them in a way that is best for all.

Students' Rights

1 – A healthy and safe educational and academic environment and school campus.

2 – Participation in academic and educational activities without any segregation due to race, nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

3 – To be the focus of our school program and academic activities, in accordance with the general policy of the Kingdom.

4- To express their talents, interests, and needs in an accepting supportive environment. To develop, enhance, and express imagination and creativity in an educational environment that fosters creativity and expression.

5 – Use of school facilities including labs, equipment, etc.

6 – To have any complaints regarding their studies or situations harmful to their studies, feelings, or dignity listened to and addressed.

7 – To the student’s academic records and attendance reports (to be issued to the student’s parents.)

8 – To take part in science, cultural, sport and recreational activities held by the school or other educational agencies according to the Ministry of Education.

Parents' Rights

1 – An educational setting that ensures and promotes physical, spiritual, psychological, and social safety and well-being.

2 – The opportunity for each student to enhance their intellectual, psychological, social, and cognitive development.

3 – Access to Al-Bassam staff to discuss the academic and personal development of their son, and to discuss parent’s suggestions for our program.

4 – Respect and courtesy from all school staff.

5 – Confidentiality regarding student records, and personal information of the student and his family.

6 – Al-Bassam School has no right to initiate legal action against a student or his family, except for matters involving a breach of ministry regulations.

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