Primary stage

Elementary School

This stage is considered a fundamental building block in the intellectual, psychological, moral, and national development of the student. It provides an inspiring and exceptional education that stimulates thinking and creativity to achieve the desired accomplishment in the coming stages. This is done under the supervision of a qualified educational and administrative staff, as well as a specialized supervisory team.

In the international program, mathematics and science are taught in English with the aim of enhancing students' skills and preparing them to communicate and interact in an international environment. It is worth noting that the international curriculum adheres to American standards such as CCSS and Next Generation, in addition to the commitment to providing national identity subjects, which are: religious studies, Arabic language, and social studies.

In addition to computer science, arts, physical education, and social studies Beyond Sprouts - DAR EL CHIMAL INT.Co.

Typical day

Morning assembly (7:00-7:15 am)

The school principal, administrative and academic staff welcome the students at the beginning of each new day. Then, the morning broadcast prepared by the students and their teachers is presented, followed by the national anthem.

The rest of the school day is divided into eight classes and two breaks, one for breakfast and the other for prayer. The school day ends at 1:30 pm.

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