Primary stage

Elementary School

  • This section is considered a fundamental building block in the intellectual, psychological, moral, and national development of the student, providing an inspiring and stimulating education that encourages critical thinking and creativity in both Arabic and English languages - in reading, writing, and conversation. This is supported by enrichment curricula, technological resources, and diverse educational projects to achieve the desired accomplishments in the upcoming stages, all under the supervision of qualified educational and administrative staff, and a specialized supervisory team.

  • The elementary section is characterized by an educational environment that enhances the learning and creativity processes for students. The school also includes additional facilities for physical and sports activities, equipped with necessary equipment for teaching sports and water activities in the school's swimming pool, where children have the opportunity to engage in physical activities and enjoy the water. The pool is equipped with a water purification system and is surrounded by an area for student preparation and readiness for the class.

  • The school also has a library and a designated area for exploration and knowledge, each housing a variety of age-appropriate books organized in a way that makes it easy for our students to access them, encouraging them to read and explore the world of books.

  • Furthermore, the school includes laboratories and additional spaces dedicated to arts, sciences, computers, and other educational fields to enable our students to explore practically and apply the theoretical concepts they have learned in the classrooms. In addition to all this, there are other outdoor areas for play and interaction, including sports fields and spaces for walking and relaxation.

  • As for the educational system in the elementary section (in the general program), it focuses on national identity subjects, which are: religious studies, Arabic language, and social studies, in addition to teaching mathematics, science, and English language, while computer, arts, and sports activities are taught in English.

  • Al-Bassam schools have also been keen on offering programs that align with the changing requirements of the era, including the STEAM program, an educational system that aims to integrate (science, mathematics, technology, engineering, arts) in the curriculum to prepare students' minds to deal with situations that require scientific experience, in addition to the Savvas Realize™ curriculum, a high-level curriculum aimed at developing comprehension skills in English language for students.

  • One of our priorities is to discover students' talents through Mawhiba program, which aims to nurture the talented to develop their creative skills and refine them so they can represent the schools in international competitions and achieve advanced positions. We also support students with special needs through the support unit in the school. Clubs are an outlet for students to practice their passions and desires outside the classroom environment, as our schools have morning weekly clubs, as well as summer clubs.

Typical Day

Morning Assembly (7:00 - 7:15 AM)

  • The school principal, administrative and academic staff welcome the students at the beginning of each new day. Then, the morning broadcast prepared by the students and their teachers is presented, followed by the national anthem.

  • The rest of the school day is divided into eight sessions with two breaks, one for breakfast and the other for prayer. The school day ends at 1:30 PM.



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