A Gold Medal for Al-Bassam Schools by the student Abdullah Anwar Al-Hamadat during his Effective Participation at ITEX 2021, Malaysia

Thanks to Allah First and following our schools’ vision to encourage and support talented and creative students to participate in local and international forums second, our beloved student; Abdullah  Anwar Al Hamadat, may Allah protect him, has achieved a gold medal at the international level during his participation in the International Inventions, Innovations and Technolgy Exhibition (ITEX) held in Malaysia from 7/12 to 10/10/2021. This great achievement, praise be to Allah, shows the importance of the supportive cooperation between the school represented by its administration and the Science Club, and between inspiring parents to advance and support the student talents and to compete for international and local prizes. 

It is worth mentioning here to thank and congratulate Dr. Youssif Hamad Al-Bassam, the Educational BoardChairman, who supports and follows up this participation continuously and to the honorable parents who contributed with all their strength with the student. Thanks are extended to the secondary school administration, the Science and Math Department, the science club, and everyone who contributed to achieving this award

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